Specialty Contact Lenses

Specialty contact lenses can be a lot of fun. Whether you get specialty contact lenses such as color contact lenses, which are color contact lenses that change the appearance of your eye color; or wild effects specialty contact lenses with wild effects that change the appearance of your eyes in other ways, like changing your eye to look like a cat eye, there is nothing more fun than specialty contact lenses.. Or just plain clear contact lenses can be their own specialty.

Color contact lenses are growing in popularity as contact lens wearers like the idea of changing their look just by changing the color of their eyes–and they can do it as quickly and easily as popping in a new set of contact lenses. Color contact lenses can be used in theater as well to change the color of the theater actor’s eye to match the character’s eye color, just by putting in specialty contact lenses.

Specialty contact lenses also can produce some wild effects, not just changing the color of someone’s eyes, but specialty contact lenses can even change the shape and appearance of the eye itself. One wild special effect that can be achieved with specialty contact lenses is the cat eye.

A cat eye is different from a human eye in that a cat eye has a vertically elliptical pupil. This special effect can be achieved in a human eye with a simple change of a contact lens. By using specialty contact lenses that are clear, white, and dark, the clear contact lenses change the appearance of the eye to look like a cat eye. This can be a very neat and wild effect–and just think, you can fool your friends or family with a simple contact lens! Just think of how realistic the Broadway show “Cats” would look if all the theater actors used specialty contact lenses to change the color of their eyes and also use specialty contact lenses to change all the actor’s eyes to look like cat eyes. What a wild specialty effect that would be!

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