Prescription Contact Lenses

prescription contact lensesPrescription contact lenses have come a long way since they were first invented to correct eyesight problems. Prescription contact lenses now offer the wearer many more choices in their prescription contact lenses. For instance, prescription contact lenses come in both hard and soft varieties. They can be clear, white, or colored, giving the illusion that the prescription contact lens wearer’s eyes are a different color than their natural color. Prescription contact lenses can be unifocal or bifocal, and newly created prescription contact lenses can even be multifocal. Prescription contact lenses can now even correct astigmatism.

When prescription contact lenses first came on the scene, they were very hard and uncomfortable to wear. Advances in the science and art of hard contact lenses have enabled hard contact lenses to become more flexible and comfortable than ever before, and now there are even soft contact lenses. Soft contact lenses are just like prescription hard contact lenses, except, as the same suggests, they are soft. Meaning soft contact lenses are much more flexible and comfortable–and most importantly, gas-permeable–than their hard contact lens counterparts.

Colored contact lenses are a fun way to think about prescription contact lenses. Colored prescription contact lenses allow the wearer of colored lenses to change their appearance by changing the apparent color of their eyes by selecting different colored prescription contact lenses.

Prescription contact lenses used to be unifocal, meaning the prescription contact lenses could only correct unifocal eyesight problems, and the lenses could only focus the eye at one distance. So many times people would need reading glasses in addition to their contact lenses. But with the invention of bifocal contact lenses and the new multifocal prescription contact lenses, that has all changed. Bifocal contact lenses are just like bifocal glasses: they are divided in half with part of the prescription contact lens focusing the eye on near objects, and the other part focusing the eye on far-away objects. Multifocal contact lenses are a new invention that allow the prescription contact lens to focus near, far, and in between, often at the same time. These multifocal prescription contact lenses most closely mirror what normal eyesight is like for those who do not need prescription contact lenses or glasses to correct their vision. This same technology is used to create prescription contact lenses that fix astigmatism.

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