Hard vs. Soft

img class=”alignleft” style=”margin-right: 10px; float:left” src=”/images/hardvssoftcontacts.jpg” alt=”hard vs soft contacts” width=”300″ height=”300″ />Gas permeable hard contact lenses have many benefits. But soft contact lenses, often including daily wear or disposable contact lenses, often have many benefits – not the least of which is comfort. So in the soft vs. hard or hard vs. soft debate over contact lenses, which side wins?

Gas permeable hard contacts or monthly contact lenses have come a long way in comfort, but soft contacts, as the name implies, are soft. The comfort benefit of soft contact lenses, daily wear contact lenses, or disposable contact lenses means less time, effort, and discomfort adapting to new hard contact lenses.

When deciding on hard vs. soft or soft vs. hard contact lenses, remember the added benefit of hard or monthly contact lenses being more gas permeable than soft, daily, or disposable contact lenses. A healthy eye needs oxygen, and a benefit of gas permeable hard contact lenses is that they allow more oxygen to reach the eye vs. soft contact lenses.

Another benefit of hard contact lenses or monthly contacts is they are more rigid and hold their shape better when you blink, which leads to clearer vision. This is a benefit of hard contacts vs. soft contact lenses, daily use contact lenses, or disposable contact lenses, which are often soft and move around easily. Also, soft contact lenses are not as gas permeable vs. hard contact lenses.

Gas permeable hard contact lenses and monthly contacts are very durable. When considering soft vs. hard, the hard contacts have the benefit of not tearing as easily or drying out as quickly as soft contact lenses, daily lenses, and disposable contacts. This means that you could hold on to your hard contacts much longer vs. soft contact lenses.

Hard contact lenses also have the benefit in hard vs. soft contact lenses when it comes to patients with astigmatism, presbyopia, patients who need multifocal contact lenses, patients with cone shaped corneas, and patients who need contact lenses following refractive eye surgery. Disposable contact lenses, daily use contacts, and soft lenses are not available for such problems.

But the benefit of comfort is always what seems to win the soft vs. hard, hard vs. soft debate. And for the benefit of comfort, you just can’t beat a good pair of soft contact lenses, daily use contacts, or disposable contact lenses.

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