Care & Cleaning

contacts care and cleaningCare and cleaning of your contact lenses that you purchased from an online store or an old-fashioned brick and mortar store is very important. Proper care and cleaning of your contact lenses will keep them clean and clear and in proper order for a long time to come. Contact lens care and cleaning starts with a wet saline rinse solution responsible for cleaning your contact lenses and keeping them wet. Proper care of your contact lenses also insists that you store your contact lenses in a case with saline solution to keep your contact lenses clean, clear, and wet. But be sure and dry your contact lens case where you store your contact lenses between each use to keep the case clean.

The steps involved in the care and cleaning of contacts lenses are simple and easy–and important to follow for the proper care and cleaning of your contact lenses.

Immediately upon removing the contact lenses from your eye, rinse them generously with saline rinse solution and rub the contact lenses gently between your fingers. Repeat the process again to make sure you are cleaning your contact lenses completely, and use plenty of saline rinse solution to keep your contact lenses clean and wet. You do not want your contact lenses to become dry as it will ruin them. Do not let your contact lenses dry out, you must keep them wet with saline rinse solution.

Next carefully place your contact lenses into a case to store them. Special contact lens cases are available to store your contact lenses and essential to proper care of your contact lenses. Each contact lens should have its own space, and you want to be sure and fill each section of the storage case with a saline rinse solution to keep your contact lenses wet and not let the contact lenses dry out.

When you are ready to put your contact lenses back in the next morning, be sure and dry out your contact lenses storage case so that no bacteria grows in the case you use to store your contact lenses. That is really all there is to contact lenses care and cleaning.

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